My first two pieces from the Imprint art assignment. At top - and before I had a chance to watch the whole video - you can see a slice of tree I took from my garden, which meant that an hour and a half with an old saw gave me a printing surface that is much too large if we’re following the brief strictly. Not doing that is also fine, as the saw marks and g rowth rings combine in fascinating ways. The last photo shows the sawed-in-half book I continued with, and the strangely-hatted figures it gave me. More to come!



In which we meet Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich and receive the assignment to make an IMPRINT. We filmed with Sopheap at Indianapolis Fabrications while he was in town installing a new work for the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 


1. Choose and object you find interesting

2. Cut it, making a flat surface

3. Dip the cut surface in paint

4. Press it on to a piece of paper repeatedly to make an imprint

5. Upload to you social media platform of choice using #theartassignment

6. Fame and glory (your work may be featured in the future video)

In this video we also discuss Arte Povera, and the work of Giuseppe Penone.

Like they say, there’s no excuse for not taking part in this assignment. There might, however, be an excuse for not reading all the instructions before I run off to go make a mess with paint… Video tomorrow, if you’re lucky